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Food glorious food!! 


If you’re like the staff at Evoke, one of the best things you adore about travelling is the food!  Each culture around the world and even regions within each country have their own specialty dishes. It can be interesting just trying ingredients you’re not familiar with, experiencing new tastes, textures and smells.


Observing your food being prepared can also be exciting, as you watch cooks or chefs apply their own distinctive techniques that enhance those ingredients to produce sensational flavours that will astound you. Flavours that will light up tastebuds you didn’t even know you had!


Whether you crave the strong spicy aromas of Asia, the subtle and sophisticated techniques and refined flavours of the French and Italians, the hearty “soul food” of the USA or the delicious savoury sensations of Latin America, Evoke World Travel will ensure you have a scrumptiously interactive food-filled holiday.




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