“We believe in giving you total control to create your own travel experience.

We know that everyone SEEKs different things, so we tailor TRAVEL  products and packages to you as an individual!

We just so happen to deliver great service and advice to help you FIND what you’ve been searching for”!

So let’s talk travel!

Why we travel…

“You read about Tuscany in books and you end up wondering what it’s really like.  But it’s not until you feel the summer sun on your shoulders, standing in a field full of sunflowers,  and tasted a local wine from the area that you can really say you know what it was like in Tuscany.  It’s the food, the people, the air…”

“You don’t need a mid-life crisis to go to Ubud in Bail!  ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘ might have encouraged you to go there but monkey forests. motorbikes, massages, yoga retreats, marigolds, the deep gorges and rice fields help you slow down, relax and appreciate what’s around you…”

“Kids these days sit around watchin youtube videos and they think that they have really experienced something.  Throwing myself down Death Road on a mountain bike in Bolivia was NOTHING like sitting like a couch potato watching endless mountain biking videos.   Nothing compares to being in the moment when your heart beats hard in your chest on the edge of a 550m cliff drop.  And contending with a waterfall spilling onto the, already slippery dirt road under you”.

Travel Tips

Travelling Chicks Blog


The PACKING bit of the trip does my head in every time! And it’s not actually the packing! I’m the thinker out of Gerry and I. I work out what I actually NEED to wear each day. I count my undies and socks etc. Plus, I don’t mind using the app “PackPoint”, it doesn’t make …

Camper Van Plans

The other night we had to discuss some prep for “Camper Vanning”. We’ve used #Driveaway for this trip and they have hooked us up with #mightycampers. (Cause they were the only option down in Tassie). And because it’s too hard to get us all in the one place, we smashed messenger again. This was Scary …